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High Performance Team Development


Three workshops totaling 6 hours over 3 months.

Content is co-created based on needs assessment.

  1. Month One – Strategic Plan Review
  2. Month Two – Strategy Execution Techniques, Team Dynamics, Goals
  3. Month Three – Customized Co-Created Strategy for your team to advance

High Performance Customized Workshops


Topics for Professional Development Workshops:


  • Civility in Leadership
  • Civility in Communication


  • Assessing & Improving Strategic Plans
  • Customer Service Culture
  • Disruptive Innovation

(2.5 to 3 hour workshop)

Program Development Strategy for Government Institutions


Consulting for government institutions including:

International Protocol and Etiquette

Civil Treatment

Civility in Leadership

Civility in Communication

Civility in Team Development



This dynamic talk is about unveiling unconscious bias barriers and countering its negative impact. Attendees will gain greater awareness and obtain helpful tips and strategies to support their culture.



In this interactive discussion, attendees will understand Imposter 

Syndrome and how to overcome it.  Walk away with practical tips and techniques to build confidence and mitigate feeling like they have to hide who they are. 



This dynamic talk enhances employee engagement and retention. Attendees will walk away with strategies to develop a culture where cooperation, teamwork and valuing individual difference is respected.

Culture Shift: Creating and Sustaining Organizational Change

This presentation helps participants recognize that organizational change is to be embraced rather than feared.  Since the advent of the internet, the business environment continues to change at a fast pace, and it will not be this slow again.  This presentation will help with accelerating culture change, energizing the organization to translate ideas into results while overcoming resistance to change.

Learning Objectives:  Participants will learn:

*What Organizational Change is and why it is important

*How to establish a framework for your new culture

*Why Implementing change is difficult

*How to align your organization for desired results


Invisible Leadership: How Leaders Change the Culture

Modern organizations exist in a complex environment with an increasing demand for effective leadership responses. “Will you choose to change the culture, or will you allow the culture to change you?” In this interactive training, Lawanda Holliman teaches the competency and methodology that top leaders use to create a Culture Shift to increase performance and profitability.

Leadership thinking is an ability to see the organizational meaning, shape it’s culture and produce results based on established principles for handling challenges. Leaders who understand this are poised to create the Culture Shift needed to increase performance, productivity and profits.

The objectives for this session are to help participants:

  • Think creatively about ways to improve leadership skills now
  • Model the way of Leadership that inspires a shared vision with others
  • Align their actions and habits to that of top leadership performers with confidence
  • Lead with a greater since of purpose and clarity


Different Doesn’t Mean Wrong: How to Leverage Diverse and Inclusive Environments

This presentation helps participants with the principles of appreciating differences and leveraging the value of different cultural perspectives in approaching work and solving problems. Our goals include – understanding the relationship of valuing diversity in the workplace to both personal and the organization’s continuing success. 

Learning Objectives: Our main learning objectives include: 

* Learning to appreciate differences and leverage the value of different perspectives in approaching work and solving problems. 

* Helping participants embrace practical skills to defuse uncomfortable situations and restore relationships damaged by cultural misunderstandings. 

* Heightening awareness around how “implicit bias” due to internal messaging can often drive biased behavior.

* Assisting with skill building tools to overcome the negative impacts of cultural influences.

* Having fun is foundational.